The Times Green and Ethical Checklist

As a very small business owned and ran entirely by myself, I was delighted to be featured in The Times Green and Ethical Checklist on the 24th October 2020. The checklist is strictly for environmentally friendly businesses, with the info under the heading reading "Commerce with a conscience - these environmentally-balanced businesses are run with strong principles, aiming to be good for the soul and the planet too".

The article reads - 

Ethical clothes that make a difference to the world

You’re passionate about living a more eco lifestyle and like to encourage your friends and family to do the same. You have a vision to transform the world step by step and dream big to overcome the challenges, solve problems and make your own mark. 

However, many clothing brands are simply not transparent with the journey their garments have taken and how they affect the environment. You crave a transformation in the clothing industry, moving away from fast fashion and providing an honest, ethical and sustainable range without compromising on choice, imagination and customer service.

ECoyote Clothing is a new brand that understands. Their solution is to provide eco, organic and ethical clothing that is strictly print on demand to be as zero waste as possible. Many have experienced the ECoyote solution by not only exploring their range of unique designs but by requesting a design – your own personal designer, there to create your ideal tee. No more hunting for that perfect design with the sinking feeling of compromising on ethics and sustainability.

The goal is to transform the clothing industry. Right now many people are unaware that fast fashion destroyed the fourth largest lake in the world. They are unaware that the fashion industry accounts for 10% of all carbon emissions. The list goes on… 

It’s time to lead the vision, to spread the eco knowledge, be ‘an ECoyote’ and change the world, with every little step adding to a collective difference. For every order they receive, ECoyote Clothing plant 3 trees (*now 6!), as well as printing many designs on the Climate Neutral, EarthPositive® range that have a 90% reduced carbon footprint. Let us all move away from fast fashion, make informed choices and plant more trees that will in time help rebuild our forests and oxygenate the air we breathe.

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